Lemongrass & Basil Chicken

Succulent grilled chicken infused with the zesty essence of lemongrass takes center stage. Accompanied by a colourful array of vegetables, our Thai-Style sauce is a mix of herbs and spices that makes each bite a tantalizing fusion of savoury flavours that transport you straight to the bustling streets of Thailand


Grain Blend: Water, Parboiled rice, Wheat bulgur, Brown rice, Red quinoa. Sauce: Water, Oyster flavoured sauce (water, sugar, salt, oyster extractives [oyster, water, salt], modified corn starch, caramel colour), Sugars (brown sugar, sugar), Herbs, Chicken base (chicken meat with natural juices, sugars [sugar, maltodextrin], salt, yeast extract, chicken fat, onion powder, turmeric, natural flavours), Corn starch, Crushed garlic (garlic, water, salt, concentrated lemon juice), Dark soy sauce (water, salt, caramel, sugar, defatted soybeans, wheat), Fish sauce (anchovy, salt, sugar), Salt, Dried chili. Vegetable Blend: Cabbage, Carrots, Red peppers, Onions. Lemongrass Chicken: Seasoned chicken strips (chicken breast, water, tapioca starch, sugars [sugar, dextrose], modified tapioca starch, sodium tripolyphosphate, salt), Canola oil, Crushed garlic (garlic, water, salt, concentrated lemon juice), Herb, Fish sauce (anchovy, salt, sugar), Sugar, Natural flavours, Salt, Spice.